Hiking on the Malerweg Elbsandsteingebirge
Wandern auf dem Malerweg

Hiking along the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail in Saxon Switzerland is one of the most picturesque hiking trails in Germany. Where once painters sought inspiration for their timeless works, you can now walk along a 116 km hiking trail through Saxon Switzerland.

Malerweg hiking trail

Zimmer Hotel Helvetia

Hiker-friendly accommodation in Saxon Switzerland

Over 70 establishments welcome Malerweg walkers with the "Wanderfreundlich am Malerweg" (hiker-friendly along the Malerweg) certificate and offer accommodation for just one night, help to arrange luggage transfers and provide packed lunches, amongst other services.

Hotels, B&Bs, apartments, camping ...

Route scheduling for the Malerweg stages

It is recommended that the 116 km long hiking trail be tackled in eight daily stages. These can be easily reached via local transport from the one starting point or, alternatively, you can stay in a different place every night and walk with or without luggage.

Malerweg stages

Morgen in den Bergen

A hiking holiday on the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail

Are you planning a tour of the Malerweg hiking trail in Saxon Switzerland with your partner, friends or in a small or large group? The Malerweg Experience, which includes hotel reservations and luggage transfer between your accommodation, has been specially prepared for you.

Hiking without luggage

Malerwegbroschüre 2019

Malerweg handbook "Wandern im Elbsandsteingebirge"

This brochure is a great starting point for those looking to organise a hiking tour along the Malerweg trail in Saxon Switzerland. You can find clear maps of the stages with route descriptions, as well as addresses for hiker-friendly accommodation.

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This brochure is only available in German.