© Sebastian Thiel

Sebnitz – a winter dream

Nowhere else can you find more of Saxon Switzerland

Within a few minutes, a rose flower grows petal by petal under careful hands. There are only a few places left in the world where you can watch this fascinating procedure and one of them is Sebnitz. The art of silk flower making has been maintained here since 1834. Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz factory provides exciting insight into this rare craft. This experience combined with interesting museums and the SoliVital Sports and Leisure Centre makes this town a worthwhile destination in all seasons.

There is another undiscovered local Christmas folkloristic art fascinating for both children and grown-ups: Sebnitz-style shadow plays. Delicate scenes cut into paper are brought to life by candle light. The cosy Christmas market on the second weekend of Advent also focusses on this tradition which is unique in Germany. The actual trump of the place however is its location.  In 2016 it earned the title “German Hiking Capital” as an ideal starting point for winter excursions to particular peaceful nooks and crannies of the National Park region. Nowhere else will you find more of Saxon Switzerland!