Family holidays

Experience nature, go pot holing, ride by boat, conquer summits, be creative: Children are guaranteed not to get bored in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Natural experiences

Is the Barbarine rock stack really a bewitched virgin? Do plants from the Ice Age really still grow here? The Elbe Sandstone Mountains are full of secrets for children. Child-friendly activities invite families to reveal the answers to these questions together.

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Tourist attractions

Ancient fortresses, fairytale castles, parks, exhibitions: There are more things to do in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains than you can fit into one holiday.

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Hiking with kids

Along the course of 1,200km of hiking trails there is something for everyone: from the easy treks that young children and pensioners can cope with through to dizzying climbs and descents.

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Sport & games

Climbing, canoeing, horse riding, swimming: There are child-friendly options for almost every outdoor activity in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

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Be creative

Spinning, felting, drawing candles: Visitors young and old can let their creative sides out with the traditional craft activities in Saxon Switzerland.

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Games festivals, train days, public festivals, Christmas markets: In Saxon Switzerland, there are things for families to do all year round.

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Family holiday

In Saxony, you are often likely to see a sign with four bright figures and the text "Familienurlaub in Sachsen" (Family holiday in Saxony). The sign is a symbol of proven quality and tells families:

We are welcome here.

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