Königstein - At the foot of the fortress walls

Koenigstein Elbsandsteingebirge
Blick auf Königstein vom Ortsteil Halbestadt

The town of Königstein is situated at the foot of the legendary fortress. It represents a picturesque starting point for day trips to the table mountains and the region's romantic valleys.


Königstein with the districts of Pfaffendorf, Leupoldishain, Halbestadt and Ebenheit.


The small town of Königstein is situated on the left-hand side of the River Elbe, at the foot of the table mountain of the same name, which stands as one of the most striking Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Set in the heart of this picturesque landscape, Königstein represents a gem of Saxon Switzerland, which is predominantly known for its fortress. The history of this impressive fortification spans back over 750 years. Numerous constructions, both above and below ground, together with an imposing fortress forest, continue to lead visitors on a thrilling expedition through history to this day.


Thanks to its central location, Königstein is also an ideal starting point for the most wide-ranging day trips into the local surroundings. A walk through the wildly romantic valleys close to the town or to the table mountains represents the best opportunity of discovering the delights of the untouched nature. The Lilienstein, the Königstein, the Pfaffenstein and the Barbarine rocks all protrude out of the landscape like eternal natural wonders, while the jagged rocks of the Nikolsdorfer Wände excite climbers.


These table mountains provide magnificent views across the Elbe Valley. Families can look forward to numerous activities, ranging from a paddle tour, to a climbing forest at the foot of the fortification, to the Elbe-Freizeitland with its many attractions. Both the Elbe Cycle Route and the oldest fleet of paddle steamers in the world are on hand in the Elbe Valley to take visitors from Königstein on unforgettable tours of discovery through the unique landscape of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, or to the Saxon capital of Dresden.



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