© Kenny Scholz

The rocky world of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is a 1-of-a-kind landscape

© Philipp Zieger

Distinct table mountains in a unique rocky scenery, narrow gorges, idyllic woods, and the Elbe River in its valley – the National Park region of Saxon Switzerland is a 1-of-a-kind landscape. That’s why our hearts race for this wonderful piece of earth. And it is our heartfelt intention to maintain this treasure for posterity. Did you know that you can make your contribution to that?


Carolaaussicht© Jacqueline Günther
Waitzdorfer Aussicht© Philipp Zieger

This is the State Saxon forestry company‘s advice for fair and respectful behaviour when using nature and forests for recreation:

Enjoying Nature
Enjoy nature with all your senses. Avoid noise. Protect forest and nature for your own interest and for those who come after you.

Protecting fauna and flora
Do treat Saxony’s natural spaces and the animals and plants which inhabit it with care and respect. Many of them are unique and rare. By staying on existing paths you reduce the risk of damaging sensitive plants or disturbing animals.

Be aware of forestry operations
Natural spaces always have an owner who cultivates and manages the area and provides it for recreational purposes. Keep in mind that work is always underway in forests.  You should always be aware of forestry operations, obstacles, uneven paths or vehicles during your tours in the forest.

Be considerate of others
People go out into nature and woodlands for different reasons. Be respectful to other visitors. We all have the same right to enjoy nature.

Preventing forest fires
Camp fires, barbecues and smoking are not allowed in the forest in order to prevent fires. Don’t drop any burning or glowing objects in the forest. A small sparkling is enough to cause a forest fire.

Leave no litter behind
Litter should not be left in the countryside, it is harmful to wildlife and breeds parasites, vermin and disease. Plan your visit to avoid litter and take everything you brought with you home again.

Keep water clean
Polluting water endangers precious wildlife habitats as well as the quality of water as the elementary basis of life.

Respect protected areas
Protected areas and highly sensitive ecological spaces are particularly precious. There are special regulations concerning entry rights and other issues for their protection.

Be cautious and respectful of others
Be prepared for unexpected situations: Don’t forget suitable clothing and shoes as well as tools, provisions and a first-aid-kit. Nature also means danger - always be aware of falling trees and branches. You enter the forests at your own risks.

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