© Achim Meurer

Winter Village Schmilka

In winter, Saxon Switzerland is a dreamland of ice and snow. It is the time when silence reigns over woods and rocks. Clouds of mist are wafting over the Elbe Valley. In the cold season, the area around the old Schmilka mill is turned into the unique Winter Village Schmilka. Lanterns and open fires give warm light and a cosy atmosphere. The mill’s inn offers hearty food for body and soul, best enjoyed with a dark organic beer from the Schmilka brewery. You can even watch it being crafted there by the Master Brewer during a guided tour.
In the bakery next door is the wonderful smell of fresh organic miller’s bread. Enjoy pleasant warmth and a great view over the decorated mill yard from the panoramic sauna. Or, when temperatures are low, take a dare to jump into the heated bath tub! Beer bath days are a regular offer by the bath attendant. Or relax and finish off your eventful day with a special highlight as a reading, concert or travel talk. So come and spend your pleasure holiday in the midst of nature and enjoy the magic of Winter Village Schmilka!