Cycling in Saxon Switzerland

Cycling in the uplands? And above. The Elbe Cycle Route offers leisure cyclists the ideal combination of relaxed cycling and an experience of impressive nature. Apart from the Elbe, fans of altitude can marvel at the panoramic views offered by the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.


It isn't just walkers and climbers who get their money's worth from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains; but cyclists too. Each corner of the region is home to delightful tours. There is something to suit every taste and every requirement. The paths are at times rustic and every now and again present some ascents. However, these ascents are always followed by fantastic views and magnificent descents, thus providing a direct reward for your efforts!

Adrenaline in the national park

Radroute im Nationalpark S.Thiel

The cycle paths running through the Saxon Switzerland National Park are a real insider's gem for thrillseekers. You can travel directly through the heart of primitive nature on footpaths that are designated as cycle routes. There is currently around 50 kilometres of these routes and they require a suitable off-road bike. You also have to reckon with steep ascents and descents, confined spaces and rough, uneven surfaces. But this is precisely what makes these tours special! 

National Park cycle paths


The cyclist is king

Familie fährt Fahrrad im Sommer

Lots of owners of hotels and guesthouses have geared their establishments towards cyclists and provide overnight stays in cycle-friendly accommodation. However, those travelling without their own bikes need not pass up on this experience. There are numerous bike hire services in the region, as well as organised bike tours, which include accommodation and luggage transport. There is also an increasing number of places that hire out E-Bikes to make day trips through Saxon Switzerland even more relaxing.

E-Bike hire