Climbing - The peak of happiness

Climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is an indescribable experience. In the birthplace of free climbing, climbing pleasure is spread across around 1,100 free-standing sandstone rocks and a stunning natural backdrop.

Besides the uniqueness of climbing in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, it is the distinct climbing rules and difficulty scale that makes the summit experience so special for each climber. Anyone who has scaled a peak here will not want to leave the magic of this climbing region.

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Conditions of paradise

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The bizarre rocky diversity of the sandstone creates unique natural experiences and allows climbers to participate in all kinds of free climbing. With few restrictions in place to preserve nature, climbers can enjoy over 17,000 climbing routes of all difficulty levels on the Saxon difficulty scale of I to XII on the 1,100 free-standing sandstone rocks, all year round.

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Saxon climbing rules

The Saxon climbing rules are exacting and important, as they protect the sensitive sandstone and sensitive habitats in the national park region. Metal safety equipment, such as chockstones, are forbidden, solid rings are also rare, and only runners are allowed.

The rope is only to be used for safety purposes and for abseiling. In contrast to other climbing regions, achieving safety is a special art in the Elbe sandstone. The rock surface must not be modified – except to attach retaining rings on first ascents. Chemical aids like magnesia must not be used. In addition, the rock must not be climbed when it is wet or crumbling.

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Levels of difficulty

Learn from the professionals

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Climbing accidents almost solely occur due to a lack of knowledge, not paying attention or recklessness. Climbing courses prevent this. Expert climbing teachers from the region offer an entire range of skills required to master the Elbe sandstone. The mountain sports event organisers based on-site teach in line with a standardised training guideline.

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Climbing regions

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Saxon Switzerland is divided up into several climbing areas, which differ in terms of the character of the rock and the type of climbing. The local climbing guides are divided up based on these climbing areas. This makes orientation easier.

Overview of climbing regions

Climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

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