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Sebnitz, the town of artificial flowers, is ideal for day trips and walks thanks to its unique location between Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland.


Sebnitz with the districts of Hinterhermsdorf, Hainersdorf, Hertigswalde, Schönbach, Altendorf, Mittelndorf, Ottendorf, Lichtenhain, Saupsdorf und Kirnitzschtal.


Sebnitz enjoys an idyllic location at the northern meeting point between the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Lusatian Highlands; right by the German-Czech border. The town provides the ideal conditions for a holiday in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, and not just thanks to this exposed location in the national park region.


Nowadays, the face of the town is largely shaped by the old Gründerzeit buildings, which were erected by wealthy industrialists. Apart from this, everything stands under the banner of flowers in this town, which is known as the "Town of Silk Flowers". Lovers of art and culture can spend their time in the museums, visitors' centres and exhibitions, and can discover the traditional Saxon handicraft of the Town of Silk Flowers. The range spans from traditional artificial flower production in Sebnitz to the model railway museum. Meanwhile, a trip from the Caucasus to Africa in just two minutes is recommended to globetrotters: The "Afrikahaus" and the "Kaukasusstube" are situated in immediate proximity to one another.


Sebnitz is also popular as a spa oasis: The state-accredited heath resort offers the best facilities for a relaxing and soothing stay with individual and tailored bathing and spa treatments.


The district of Hinterhermsdorf, recently crowned as "Germany's Most Beautiful Village", has a tradition of being a summer holiday resort that is very much in demand. The first national park borough of Saxon Switzerland provides families with the best conditions for a relaxing and active stay. A boat trip on the Obere Schleuse is one of the most popular visitor attractions. In addition, the nearby border invites visitors to go on walks and bike tours in Bohemia.




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