Rosenthal-Bielatal - A climbing paradise in the forest

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Felsblick im Klettergebiet Herkulessäulen
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An idyllic holiday resort in the heart of a walking and climbing paradise, surrounded by expansive forests and bizarre rock formations.


Rosenthal-Bielatal with the districts of Bielatal and Rosenthal


The idyllic towns of Bielatal and Rosenthal are set in the heart of a huge forested area, which spans all the way to the Czech Republic. The upper Bielatal Valley is mainly distinguished by a truly scenic character, which is most evident between Schweizer- und Ottomühle. Here a vast number of buttes in the fantastical weathered forms rise to the sky in the middle of the forest, right before the disbelieving eyes of hikers. These rocks entice numerous climbers wishing to climb the stony towers, especially on weekends.


The Sachsenstein, the Hercules Columns, the Johanniswacht and the Kanzelturm also represent unique natural memorials, which provide just a small insight into the natural force that once raged in this region. Three larger caverns are evidence of this force that remains to this day: The Bennohöhle, the Eisloch and the 19-metre-deep Schwedenloch with its ice cavity behind the Ottomühle are some of the most interesting attractions in Rosenthal-Bielatal.


With the former Eisenhammer Brausenstein, ruins of a blast furnace from the former hammer mill have been preserved as a memorial to the venerable workplaces of the past.


Well-signposted cycle paths connect up to the Elbe Cycle Route and to the tourist border crossing, from which walking destinations in the Czech Republic, such as the Hoher Schneeberg, are easily accessible.




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