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Elbsandsteingebirge: Schloss Lohmen
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The borough of Lohmen spans from the Bastei – the famous view point of Saxon Switzerland – to the romantic rocky world of the Liebethal Grund and the Uttewald Grund.


Lohmen with the districts of Daube, Doberzeit, Mühlsdorf and Uttewalde.


Situated right at the entrance to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains National Park, Lohmen awaits with numerous natural and cultural attractions. The small borough receives its visitors with rural flair and a central location in the heart of the Bastei region, and at the start of the Malerweg (Painters' Way).


Known as "The balcony of Saxon Switzerland", the Bastei is one of the best-loved attractions in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Guests and hikers can sit in the panoramic restaurant and enjoy a unique, intoxicating view down into the Elbe Valley.


The Bastei Bridge leads from the Bastei Rock over to Neurathen Castle, which is shrouded in myth and legend. You can still wander through the history of days gone by and feel like a knight at the ruins of this largest medieval castle in Saxon Switzerland.


In the town of Lohmen, it is Lohmen Castle, which sits on the hill, looking down over the Wesenitz River, that attracts visitors with its history. The church is similarly worth a visit. It is one of the most beautiful village churches in Saxony and boasts outstanding acoustics.


A whole host of hiking trails lead from Lohmen through the magical landscape as well as to some hidden paths – for example through the Liebethal Grund and the Uttewald Grund or over the Lohmen Ridge in Wesenitz Valley.


It is not just birdsong that you may hear here; there is also a chance of attending a performance of one of Richard Wagner's operas. After all, the composer welcomes hikers to the Liebethal Grund in the form of a memorial – the largest memorial in the world that has been built to honour the composer.



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