Guest card Saxon Switzerland

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Together with the guest card you will receive the brochure "Freizeit-Tipps"; on arrival or you can get it at your tourist information.

All participating institutions are marked with the guest card logo. The brochure also contains many great ideas for your holiday planning and interesting information.

A brand new section "Food and Drink"; with restaurants and places to stop after your excursions is now available for you. The brochure is available for



We would like to invite you to visit the various leisure activities in Saxon Switzerland and enjoy numerous advantages.

Since February 2017, you will receive the Common Guest Card Saxon Switzerland from all participating hosts as a guest. With this guest card you can take advantage of great discounts in a variety of leisure facilities.

Here you can find out how and where you can get the guest card, which partners are involved and everything else you need to know.

Where and how can I get the Saxon Switzerland guest card?

The guest card is available in the following locations:
Sebnitz | Bad Schandau | Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna | Königstein | Rathen | Lohmen | Wehlen | Hohnstein | Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel | Gohrisch | Rosenthal-Bielatal | Struppen

Upon arrival you will receive the guest card directly at your accommodation upon registration. The guest card is a free service of the participating hosts and partners. It cannot be purchased.

The guest card is valid for the duration of your stay (including arrival and departure day) and is not transferable. You can recognize all participating partners by the guest card logo. Further information can be obtained from the tourist information offices of the respective towns.

Guest Card Saxon Switzerland

Over 60 partners offer you great advantages for your holiday in Saxon Switzerland with the Saxon Switzerland guest card.

An overview of the participating leisure facilities and further detailed information can be found here.