Dresden & surroundings

Beyond the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Saxon Switzerland is not just an ideal holiday region for walkers, climbers and cyclists; the surrounding region has a lot to offer too. For example, Dresden entices visitors with lots of culture, whilst the Elbland attracts with its vineyards. Then there are the Eastern Erz Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland and Upper Lusatia, which are all located in the direct vicinity. 

A landscape without limits

Boundless hiking fun is guaranteed in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It begins in Saxon Switzerland and continues across the German-Czech national border into its Bohemian counterpart. There guests can enjoy impressive landscapes and tours of discovery.

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The residential city


Dresden astounds with its baroque splendour, numerous museums and wide range of cultural offerings. From a wander through the beautiful old town, a pub crawl in the trendy Neustadt district to a visit to the theatre – the city casts a spell over all of its visitors.

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Wine and porcelain

Day-trip destinations line up like pearls along the stretch of the River Elbe between Radebeul, Meißen and Riesa. There, where Saxon wine ripens on the steep slopes above the River Elbe, there is far more to do than just discover the home town of Karl May or the former royal porcelain factory.

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Mining meets watch-making

Just like the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the Eastern Erz Mountains span across German and Czech ground. There are numerous sporting activities available here, especially in winter. Visitors are also attracted by the history of the mining tradition and the watch-making workshops in Glashütte.  

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Saxon congeniality

Hospitality and congeniality are at home in Upper Lusatia. Idyllic landscapes, old Umgebinde houses, delicious food, small, romantic small towns and more welcome their guests in the immediate vicinity of the Czech and Polish borders.

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