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Saxon Switzerland National Park

The Saxon Switzerland National Park is Saxony's only national park. It is the only rock national park in Germany. Join us and take a fascinating journey back in time through the geological and biological past of our continent. The national park rangers are pleased to give you more information on this. more ...

Hiking on Painter's Way

The Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is one of the most beautiful and popular walks in Germany. It leads right through the middle of the fascinating rock world of Saxon Switzerland and links the best parts of the region that have impressed and inspired painters, musicians and poets from all across Europe. more ..

A miracle of nature between Dresden & Prague: 

Let yourself be enchanted by the ancient and mythically beautiful natural landscape. With more than 700 km2 of space, it is one of Europe's last large wildernesses, ideal for hiking and climbing or just a relaxed day out. The most beautiful parts of this region are protected as a cross-border national park. more ...

Bastei Bridge

The Bastei - a rock formation - is now the most popular day trip destination in the region. From a lofty height, you look down on the gracefully sweeping Elbe River, the miniature world on its banks and the picturesque landscape of cliffs all around. Enjoy the panorama, the air and the uplifting feeling of being on top of the world. 

The National Park offers tranquillity to nature and people. To experience the untouched nature, you are cordially invited to explore the area on the existing tracks (marked trails). In the designated area in the core zone, these are marked trails only. In the National Park all actions are prohibited which lead to the destruction, damage, adverse change of the protected area or its components, or to any other major disruption.So please avoid anything that might stress the natural environment – also for your own safety. Thank you!

Prohibited : Camping and sleeping outdoors / fire and smoking – Fire endangers nature – not only when it is dry.

Bicycle track – Cycling permitted only on especially marked tracks. Hikers have “right of way”.
Climbing by Saxon rules – Climbing on wet rock is prohibited. No use of wedges, magnesia, etc.
Take nothing –    Plants, animals or rocks belong to nature. The National Park is no place for collecting berries or mushrooms.
Lead dogs on leash – Consider animals, plants and humans.
Leave nothing behind – There is no place for waste products in nature.
​No operation of unmanned radio-controlled aircrafts (drones etc.)