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Winter Conclusion

Winter Health and Spa in Saxon Switzerland

Spa treatments are best to enjoy when it is crispy cold outside. Sauna sessions and massages bring tingling life back to cold toes and fingers after long winter walks. In this respect, each of Saxon Switzerland’s most attractive health resorts and facilities have their special treatment on offer:  Russian-style “Wenik” sauna sessions with vodka and birch brushwood are provided by the Kräutervitalbad (Vital Herb Spa). Toskana Therme Spa in Bad Schandau focuses on a weightless liquid-sound experience in thermal brine water, while beer baths are a speciality of Schmilka Eco Village and National Park Resort. Here is an overview of options for deep-relaxed winter hiking day conclusions in Saxon Switzerland:

Bastei Mountain Hotel

Sauna with Vista

© Berghotel Bastei

Sauna sessions relax your body and your mind finds peace. Even more so if you are looking out over a healthy natural scene at the same time. This is exactly what Bastei Berghotel can provide! During a 90° C session in the Hotel’s Finnish sauna with its panoramic window you are spoilt by a grand wide view over the surrounding rocky landscape. The hotel’s private Health and Spa area covers the whole ABC of pleasant treatments from aroma oil massages to relaxing baths in cedar wood tubs.




Toskana Therme Spa

Floating in liquid sound

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How wonderful to cheat the physical law of gravity for a short while! This is what happens in the Liquid Sound Temple of Bad Schandau Toskana Thermal Spa. Hot thermal brine water lends buoyancy, soft under-water music and magic colour light projections please your senses.  Smartly arranged sauna facilities provide extra relaxation.




Schmilka Winter Village

Sauna rituals and hot tub sessions

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This is a different kind of spa! Unwind in the sauna or hot tub. Every hour the bath attendant invites you to inhale the aromatic steams of a new “Aufguss” and sprinkles scented water on heated stones. Or how about plunging into a heated tub in the mill yard? A special experience is promised for each Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, as these are the Beer Bath days.




Laurichhof Design Hotel

Spa experience under a roof of leaves

© Laurichhof

Encased in fragrant pine wood, the award-winning designer hotel’s spa area provides idyllic moments of naturalness with real ferns, mosses and lichen growing from the ceiling. And nothing is left to be desired after your two-hour exclusive spa session, when the chef of the hotel’s private restaurant Lazy Laurich spares no efforts to spoil you with a delicious 3-course dinner. What a tasteful winter evening!




Bielatal Forsthaus

Original Finnish log house sauna

© Forsthaus Bielatal

Only a wood-fired sauna stove can bring about a genuine authentic Finnish sauna atmosphere and alert all your senses. For your perfect Finnish sauna feeling, you can choose your inhaling aroma steam (“Aufguss”), produced by sprinkling scented water on the 200 kg heavy hot sauna stones. Let yourself be carried away by the Nordic sauna culture, its fragrances and purely natural essences.




Kräutervitalbad (Vital Herb Spa)

Russian style sauna sessions

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How about bathing in a tub of bell bronze as the Countess of Cosel used to do? Or getting properly massaged with thick honey? Or getting whisked with birch bunches as in the Russian sauna ritual? The Sebnitz Kräutervitalbad (Vital Herb Spa) has come up with quite some good ideas to make its visitors happy.




Bad Schandau Park Hotel

Vital Lounge for your well-being

© Parkhotel Bad Schandau

The historic Sendig Villa, a part of the Bad Schandau Park Hotel, coaxes you into a modern world of a different kind where both body and mind find relaxation. Pleasant sounds, lights and fragrances spoil your senses and your skin. Enjoy massage and beauty treatments or have a “whisper bath” together, just to name some of the highlights that provide an ideal refreshment cure for your skin and your mind. Other exclusive applications include inhalation and beauty treatments with pure oxygen, the elixir of life. The health and spa area is completed by ample sauna facilities.




Geibeltbad Spa

Oriental Spa pleasures

© Stadtwerke Pirna

In Pirna you can experience a traditional bathing culture as in a Thousand and One Nights. In addition to the classical facilities there is a Turkish hamam with steam zones, massage rooms and heated benches. Warm and humid steam baths and heat ease your muscles, massage and peeling treatments spoil your body and an apple tea in the relaxing room finally concludes this oriental ceremony.




Winter Time Off

10 Health and Spa Highlights in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

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Bathing in beer, floating in thermal brine water, dozing in a tub of bell bronze: Here are ten health and spa ideas to bring a winter hiking day in Saxon Switzerland to a deeply relaxing conclusion:


10 Health & Spa highlights!