Stage 5

From Neumannmühle to Schmilka

The fifth stage initially runs through part of Kirnitzschtal Valley, in the direction of the River Elbe, to Buschmühle. You walk left in the direction of Arnstein (archaeological remains of a medieval fortress). You then take the Neuen Weg path and cross the Kleinstein, which has a viewpoint, and Sturmbauers Eck, until you reach the road heading in the direction of Räumichtmühle. Follow the road until the signpost to Mühlschlüchte. An untouched, steep path leads you up to the Großen Pohlshorn. You then walk down to the River Kirnitzsch and then through the old spruce and fir trees to the Zeughaus. From here, you head upwards through the Wolfsschlüchte, over the Rosssteig ascent and the Katzstein to the summit of the Großer Winterberg; the second highest mountain in Saxon Switzerland. This 556-metre-high basalt projection through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains' plate is crowned by a mountain inn and a viewing tower; meanwhile, the former »Eishaus« (ice house) houses a further National Park information point. The Malerweg then runs down into the Elbe Valley to the town of Schmilka. Here you end up at Schmilka water mill. The mill was rebuilt in 2007 based on the copper etching by A. L. Richter and has been in a proper state of repair since.


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Weg zum Wolfsberg
Forsthaus am Zeughaus

Information and detours from the Malerweg

Roßsteig with the Goldstein viewpoint


The Goldstein Viewpoint offers a wonderful view spanning right into the far reaches of Saxon Switzerland. Even with rising mist, the viewpoint, which is almost directly by the Malerweg, is extremely photogenic. You are right in the heart of the National Park and can enjoy views of untouched nature.

(Distance 0.1 km | 2 min)

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Großer Winterberg


With a height of 556 m, the Großer Winterberg is the highest mountain on the right side of the River Elbe. You can enjoy an impressive panorama in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, particularly in the early morning or evening hours.

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Kipphorn Viewpoint


It is worth taking a mini side trip to the Kipphorn Viewpoint (480 m). From here, you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views across Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland. The scene is especially popular amongst photographers at sunset.

(Distance 0.4 km | 10 min)

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Mühle Schmilka

Schmilka lies directly on the border with the Czech Republic, at the edge of the National Park. A National Park information point and a mill with a mill bakery, which has been restored true to the original, await hikers before they reach the River Elbe. Schmilka is part of the Bad Schandau district and can be reached via S-Bahn train.

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Bad Schandau

Blick auf Bad Schandau

The spa town of Bad Schandau enjoys a central location. The small town, with its typical medieval centre and cafés, restaurants and shops, invites visitors to enjoy a relaxed stroll. It is worth paying a visit to the National Park Centre or to the Toskana Therme (Tuscan thermal baths).

Bad Schandau

(Distance 6 km | 1.5 hr)

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