Stage 3

From Hohnstein to Altendorf

Waitzdorfer Aussicht

From Hohnstein, you head down into the Bärengarten (Bears' Garden). There you walk along the old wall remains on a forest trail, via the Halbenweg and Räumichtweg paths, in the direction of the Brand viewpoint. After a fantastic panoramic view from the »Balcony of Saxon Switzerland«, which stands some 170 metres above the Polenztal Valley, you head down 800 steps into the Tiefen Grund gorge. After approx. 300 metres of road, the Malerweg heads right up the Dorfgrund to Waitzdorf. From the Waitzdorf Rundweg path, you follow the Mühlweg path, passing the Kohlichtgraben to the Kohlmühle. The signs direct you into Sebnitztal Valley, to the mouth of the River Schwarzbach. You then walk along the Mühlweg to the stage destination of Altendorf. There you can enjoy a view of the Schrammsteine.


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Information and detours from the Malerweg

Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre


Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre in Bad Schandau awaits with a whole host of information and experiences relating to Saxon Switzerland. Permanent and special exhibitions, along with a multimedia show, provide unique impressions of the National Park. And the focus is not just on flora, fauna and geology; there is also information about the region's culture.


National Park Centre

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Gautsch grotto

Gautschgrotte Malerweg

The detour to Gautsch Grotto lies directly on the hiking trail, albeit slightly hidden. The rocks in front of the grotto are bedecked in a lush carpet of green moss and fern. The grotto itself is surrounded by a rocky wall some 18 metres in height. In the winter months, water droplets hitting the edges of this wall freeze to create interesting ice sculptures.

(Distance: 100 m | 3 min)

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Napoleonschanze entrenchments

The Schanzenberg, a French field fortification dating back to 1813, can be found in the town of Hohnstein. An artificial mound some three to four metres in height, complete with three gun emplacements, was used to secure the Polenztal Valley and with it the road between Königstein Fortress and Stolpen Castle. The granite hilltop used to be called Kretzschelberg.

(Distance: 2.1 km | 1 hr)

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Brand Viewpoint

Brandaussicht am Malerweg

The "Balcony of Saxon Switzerland" – the Brand Viewpoint – projects some 170 metres above the Polenztal Valley. From here, you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Polenztal Valley, the table mountains and the Schrammsteine, right up to Bohemian Switzerland. As a result, the Brand was already a popular destination and subject for artists over 200 years ago. The guesthouse, which is in business since 1830, continues to invite walkers in to take a break this day.

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Waitzdorfer Aussicht

The small village with just 50 inhabitants is situated right in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland National Park and is part of the town of Hohnstein. The nearby Waitzdorfer Höhe offers a truly amazing panoramic view. Waitzdorf is around 1 km from Brand in terms of linear distance, but it is separated by the Tiefen Grund and connected by way of 1,600 steps.

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Goßdorfer Raubschloss

The Goßdorfer or Ulbersdorfer Raubschloß castle was first mentioned in the 14th century. Today it stands as a ruin; however, you can still see the remains of the former robber knight's nest. Excavations took place here around the year 1800. There have been numerous myths and ghost stories surrounding the castle since time immemorial.

(Distance: 1.2 km | 0.5 hr)

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Altendorf with Adamsberg

Adamsberg Rundblick

Altendorf is situated not far from Bad Schandau, however it is part of the administrative district of Sebnitz. The village features a fantastic long-distance view of the Schrammstein rocks. It is worth making a small detour to Adamsberg. The view of the Schrammsteine, Falkenstein, Bloßstock and Langes Horn is particularly impressive in the afternoon and evening.

(Distance: 1.1 km | 0.5 hr)

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