Stage 1

From Liebethal (Pirna) to Stadt Wehlen


The hike begins in Pirna-Liebethal, at the entrance to the romantic Liebethaler Grund. You follow the Wesenitz Stream, past the monumental Richard Wagner memorial (created by Richard Guhr in 1933) and the remains of the former bark mill. You cross the Wesenitz and come to Mühlsdorf. You walk along the Alten Lohmstraße, then around the edge of the forest to the stone with the coordinates 51° N 14° E. You then take the Querweg path, the Brückwaldweg path and the Schleifgrund to Uttewalder Grund, home to the famous Felsentor. Rocks then line the route to the town of Wehlen. There the tour passes the remains of one of the oldest castles in the region. You then just need to turn right to reach the market place. The Malerweg continues left.


Entire tour data

Stadt Wehlen am Malerweg
Wehlener Kirche
Uttewalder Grund
Gaststätte Waldidylle am Malerweg

Information and detours from the Malerweg

Richard Wagner sites

Jagdschloss Graupa

Wagner spent a break from his time as capellmeister of the Dresden Court Opera in Graupa. His former holiday domicile now stands as the oldest Wagner museum in the world. A multimedia exhibition entitled "Wagner in Saxony" was opened in the nearby hunting lodge in 2013.

(Distance approx. 3.5 km | 1 hr) 

Liebethaler Grund

Richard Wagner Denkmal

The idyllic valley flows through the sweeping Wesennitz. The 1933 Richard Wagner memorial is just before the bark mill. Five figures sit at the feet of the composer, who is dressed as a Knight of the Grail. They represent the five elements of his music: the spherical, the lyrical, the dramatic, the Dionysian and the demonic.


Festival Sandstein und Musik

Lohmen Castle is home to tourist information, a library and exhibitions. The evangelical Lutheran church is worth a visit. The classic central-plan building dating back to 1789 has wonderful acoustics for concerts, including the "Sandstone and Music" festival.

Festival "Sandstone and Music".

(Distance 1.5 km | 20 min)

Uttewalder Grund

Uttewalder Felsentor

Fallen pieces of rock have become wedged in this especially narrow part of the wildly romantic ravine. Passing through the gate without giving off any signs of being scared or anxious used to be one of the most popular tests of courage for walkers. Caspar David Friedrich spent many days alone in this rocky valley in order to take in the location's bleak, romantic atmosphere.

Teufelsgrund near Wehlen

Teufelsgrund Wehlen Eingang Heringshöhle

A path turning right and leading to Teufelsgrund can be found between Uttewalder Grund and Wehlen.  This detour turns out to be a mini adventure that includes walking through the dark Heringshöhle cave and climbing up the Teufelskammer. It is a lot of fun, especially for children.

(Distance 1.3 km | 30 min)

Mini Saxon Switzerland miniature park

Miniaturpark Kleine Sächsische Schweiz Wehlen

This unique attraction features replicas of the most famous rock formations in Elbe sandstone. Miniature models of buildings and means of transport provide fascinating insights. In addition: Gold panning site, cinema of home and heritage, sculptor workshop and lots more...

(Distance 2.6 km | 1 h)

Stadt Wehlen mit Wilke-Aussicht

Wilke-Aussicht Stadt Wehlen

Wehlen, an idyllic small town on the Elbe with a market place, cyclist church, a lovingly maintained garden and the Museum of Local History, is the 1st stage destination of the Malerweg. Some contemporary artists have their studios in Wehlen. Those looking for an impressive view of the River Elbe are recommended to take a detour to the Wilke viewpoint.

(Distance 1 km | 15 min)