Time of Travel

Passable throughout the year

Be it in the mild April sun or on a clear day in January: The Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail is always an experience – and almost always passable.


A route for all seasons

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains and their most beautiful hiking trail astound in every season. In the spring, the fresh green and flowers of the extensive snowdrops brighten up the meadows. In summer, the gorges and ravines through which the Malerweg snakes, turn into refreshing oases. Autumn brings a golden light and the magic of the coloured leaves. And in winter, there is a magical sense of calm. The conditions are almost always perfect for walking, so long as you have the right clothes. It is only in times of heavy snow, black ice or after heavy rainfall that you may have to delay your walking experience. It pays to check the weather forecast before setting out.

Latest weather forecast for the Malerweg


Plan your accommodation in advance

From campsites to five-star hotels, you can find a range of first-rate accommodation in each category along the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail. Many places have adapted their services especially for Malerweg walkers and offer single night stays, packed lunches and luggage transfer. You can often find good accommodation options at short notice. However, it is worth booking ahead, especially in the main walking months of June and September, as well as on public holidays and long weekends. When it comes to researching accommodation, the free information and booking service operated by Saxon Switzerland Tourism Association may be of service. Tel.: 0049 3501 470147.

accommodation on the Malerweg