How do I get to the Malerweg?

Deutschlandkarte mit Flughafen, Autobahn in die Sächsischer Schweiz

Saxon Switzerland is directly connected to the capital of Saxony, Dresden, by the A 17 Autobahn, the main road B 172, as well as by the Deutsche Bahn railway network (Hamburg – Dresden – Prague EC route), S-Bahn trains and buses departing from Dresden – and incorporating the airport – serve the region, stopping at short, regular distances. Towns close to the River Elbe can also be accessed via the Sächsischen Dampfschifffahrt boats. The journey up the Elbe does take a little longer, but it offers incomparable views of the landscape. The network of bus and S-Bahn routes makes it easy to get to the beginning of the walks. Two bridges cross the River Elbe (at Bad Schandau and Pirna), and there are also passenger ferries (from Schmilka, Bad Schandau, Königstein, Kurort Rathen, Wehlen and Pirna).

Transport network and tariff information from the Regionalverkehr Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge GmbH: Service office at the bus station
Pirna | Open Mon to Sat |  Tel. +49 (0)3501 792-160 | www.rvsoe.de

Parking at the Malerweg? No problem. Long term parking is possible at the parking garages in Pirna, located at Grohmannstraße and Ernst-Thälmann-Platz 2.