Hiking challenges

Prepare well

In order to walk, you need neither special equipment nor special skill. That is what makes it so wonderful. However, there are a few basic rules that you should bear in mind when it comes to walking along the Malerweg hiking trail.

Treppen Schrammsteine

Prepare for steep parts of the trail

One of the things that makes the Elbe Sandstone Mountains so fascinating is the range of shapes in the landscape within such a small area. However, this often means lots of elevation within a short distance for the walker. Some parts of the Malerweg include steps and stairs. This requires a head for heights and surefootedness, especially in the Schrammstein part of the route. In addition, the pronounced elevation profile may mean that distances take a lot longer to cover than when crossing flat areas of land. As some points along the hiking trail are extremely narrow or drop away steeply, it is recommended that you only carry a day rucksack whilst walking along the stages of the Malerweg, and that you arrange to have your larger items of luggage transferred between accommodation, or alternatively, that you stay somewhere central for the duration of your time on the Malerweg.

Suggested hiking equipment

Wandern mit Kind

Hiking with children

The Malerweg is a real land of adventure for children. Mystical forests, murmuring brooks, mysterious caves, bizarre rock formations and lots more to inspire fantasy and to get kids moving. The daily stages of the Malerweg hiking trail can be easily mastered by children over about 13 years of age. However, if you are walking with younger children, it is recommended that you choose one of the shorter round walks.

Wandern mit Hund

Hiking with a dog

Walking on the Malerweg with a dog is also a pleasurable experience. However: In some places bridges, metal gates and ladders need to be crossed. You may have to carry your dog across rough terrain. Those owners that are willing to have a go will be rewarded with an unforgettable walking experience. There are alternatives for difficult parts of the Malerweg, which have been tested for their suitability for dogs. These are described in the brochure alongside the individual Malerweg stages, as well as on the Malerweg website. Please note: Dogs must be kept on a lead in the National Park. Muzzles are obligatory on public transport.

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