Field therapy - The path to good health

"Terrainkur" is a gentle and effective form of movement therapy. Saxon Switzerland provides excellent conditions for this type of therapy.

"Terrainkur", what is it?

"Terrainkur" is a therapeutically effective form of walking. Its health-promoting effects result from the combination of controlled exertion, gentle all-body training, exercise in the fresh air, and an intense experience of the natural landscape.


The aim is to harmonise the vegetative functions of the organism. "Terrainkur" is particularly recommended for patients suffering from cardiovascular problems; however, it is also ideal for the active prevention of illness. The near-to-nature programme of activities strengthens the cardiovascular system as well as muscles, joints and ligaments. The gentle form of exertion also has a positive effect on the absorption of oxygen and on the entire metabolic process, whilst the digestive system is stimulated and calorie consumption increased.

Terrain routes in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Elbsandsteingebirge wandern

Designated climatic terrain paths can be found in Saxon Switzerland, including in the Bad Gottleuba health park, in Gohrisch health resort and in the spa town of Rathen. The special micro-climatic conditions here make it possible to adapt the intensity of thermal stimulation in line with the weather conditions. As such, uncontrolled stress to the cardiovascular system caused by overheating can be prevented.

Bad Gottleuba

The “terrainkur” pathways in Bad Gottleuba span a total distance of around 60 kilometres. A customised programme for terrain training is developed for each patient at the health resort in line with their individual condition. Precisely specified walking speeds and regular pulse checks during the training ensure ideal framework conditions.

Gesundheitspark Bad Gottleuba

Gohrisch health resort

The climatic terrain pathways around Gohrisch health resort have a total length of around 35 kilometres and are categorised into three different difficulty ratings. Category 1 paths are suitable for untrained patients to master without any serious physical exertion. Category 2 means light body training with medium exertion, whilst category 3 paths promise a noticeable training effect and may be challenging in places.

Kurort Gohrisch

Rathen spa town

Elbsandsteingebirge Wandern

The Rathen spa town “terrainkur” area is separated into two sub-areas, located on the right and the left banks of the River Elbe. The paths are predominantly circular routes and follow the course of the Elbe, whilst also passing through interesting areas of rock within Saxon Switzerland. The maximum altitude difference in the “terrainkur” area stands at around 200 metres. The location and relief of the landscape around Rathen spa town enables diverse terrain training.

Kurort Rathen