Health & wellness - Natural beauty with magical powers



Saxon Switzerland does not just offer numerous opportunities for healthy activities in and amongst nature; it is also home to a spa and wellness landscape that is rich in tradition and diversity, and certainly well worth discovering.

Beauty & wellness


The Elbe Sandstone Mountains is an area in which to get – or to stay – healthy and beautiful. Some of the most traditional health resorts in Saxony can be found nestled between the majestic table mountains and bizarre rock stacks, alongside luxurious spa and beauty facilities.

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Pools and saunas

Entspannen in der Sauna

The pools and saunas in Saxon Switzerland represent a magnificent addition to activities in the fresh air, and not just on rainy days.

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Health resorts

Four health resorts combine classic health and spa facilities with the latest health and wellness offers in Saxon Switzerland. 

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"Terrainkur" or field therapy

Füße in der Wiese

"Terrainkur" is a gentle and effective form of movement therapy. Saxon Switzerland provides excellent conditions for this type of therapy.

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