Fun and action amidst the rocks

Ancient fortresses, fairytale castles, leisure parks and exhibitions: There are more things to do in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains than you can fit into one holiday.

Elbsandsteingebirge weesenstein
Elbsandsteingebirge Koenigstein

Fortresses and castles

All children dream of being a knight or a princess in a medieval castle. Children can live out their fantasies in the reconstructed fortresses and castles or between the remains of former robber knight castles in Saxon Switzerland. In the meantime, adults can go on a journey of discovery through the history of the buildings.


Königstein Fortress is perhaps the most beautiful and most exciting mountain fortress in Europe. High walls, numerous arrow loops and cannons tell the tale of the turbulent, 700-year history of the former impregnable medieval fortification.


Schloss Weesenstein in Müglitztal is a truly crazy castle. For it was built from top to bottom on a rock. As such, the ballroom is located on the top floor, whilst the stables are on the fifth floor.

Fortresses and castles

Robber knight castles

The robbers' nests and rock fortresses are evidence of the adventurous age of chivalry in Saxon Switzerland, even though only ruins remain of the former medieval fortifications. The remains of a medieval castle on a hill can be found at the Neurathen Castle. It comes complete with lots of iron bridges and ladders. The Winterstein, or the so-called "Hintere Raubschloss", is the oldest large castle complex in the region. It served as a hiding place for knights around 1440.


Leisure parks

A load of action awaits the whole family in the region's themed leisure parks. In the Elbe-Freizeitland Königstein you can get lost in the labyrinth, or slide down the highest free-fall slide in Germany. Meanwhile, in the Urzeitpark Sebnitz, children can get to know 400 characters from primitive times.

The Fabel-Mythen-Park Königstein takes you into the legendary world of goblins, trolls and woodland spirits. And in the Kleine Sächsische Schweiz miniature park in the village of Wehlen, you can enjoy a wonderful overview of the entire region and its sights, which have all been reproduced out of sandstone.


Elbe-Freizeitland Königstein

Miniaturparkanlage Kleine Sächsische Schweiz

Steinreich - Erlebniswelt

Kletterwald Königstein

Eisenbahnwelten Rathen

Elbsandsteingebirge Stolln

Museums and exhibitions

The exhibitions in the museums in Saxon Switzerland are excitingly diverse. In the NationalparkZentrum Bad Schandau, children can find out how the Elbe Sandstone Mountains were created through interesting exhibits.




Meanwhile, at the Marie Louise Stolln show mine in Berggießhübel, you can experience the mining history up close and personal, and can even search for your own treasure. Those who want to know what an authentic school classroom looked like in former East Germany can discover this and more in the DDR Museum Pirna.


Museums and exhibitions