Get a move on!

Climbing, canoeing, horse riding, swimming: There are child-friendly options for almost every outdoor activity in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

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Climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the birthplace of free climbing, is something a little different - even for children. Climbing courses give children the chance to gain their first climbing skills so that they can go on to dare to take part in a guided summit climb with the whole family - or to prove their talent on a high ropes course. And for rainy days, there are always the well-equipped climbing halls.



A group canoe tour on the River Elbe promises to be a special adventure. The family sits in the proverbial boat and works together to overcome each kilometre of the intoxicating river and rocky landscape. Guests can choose between canoes, rubber dinghies and rafts. And anyone who finds this a little too comfortable can try the powerboat, which travels as swift as an arrow.



A holiday without bathing isn't a real holiday as far as children are concerned. As such, the great range of outdoor pools in Saxon Switzerland is sure to excite youngsters. For example, in the Mariba Freizeitwelt Neustadt, little ones can travel through the Black Hole slide on a tyre, with light and sound effects. In the Toscana Therme Bad Schandau, the Liquid Sound Tempel fascinates with spherical sounds. And in the Geibeltbad in Pirna, the youngest children can also get their money's worth.

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Horse riding centres

Discovering the diverse landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains on horseback is a really special experience - for both children and adults. There are around 720 kilometres of official bridleways in the entire Saxon Switzerland Osterzgebirge region. And the region's horse riding centres offer everything that you need for an active horse riding holiday: food, lodgings, equipment for hire - and, of course, horses. Riding lessons and special offers such as therapeutic riding, Western riding or archery on horseback are also available.

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Parks & mini golf

Parks are a key part of holidays, especially for families with young children. Saxon Switzerland is richly blessed in this respect. It doesn't matter in which part of the region you are based: the next lovingly maintained park is rarely far away.

The region's two mini golf courses offer fun for adults and older children. Small balls can be potted with fun and skill in the "Forellenschänke" recreational area in Sebnitz, as well as at "Minigolf am Königstein" at the foot of Königstein Fortress.