Spin some real yarns – and learn something in the process

Spinning, felting, drawing candles: Visitors young and old can let their creative sides out with the traditional craft activities available in Saxon Switzerland.

Elbsandsteingebirge Kerzen

Krietzschwitzer candle dreams

How are candles actually made? Children can discover this at Krietzschwitz candlemakers - and can try out the centuries-old craft for themselves. Apart from a little creativity, you need patience for this. If the young craftspeople have these skills, they can create some really beautiful candles here themselves - and, of course, can take them home with them.

Krietzschwitzer candle dreams

two cute lambs

Wool-spinning at Lilienstein

Yarnmakers are expressly wanted here - just like feltmakers and wool discoverers. Here we are talking about the Wollscheune am Lilienstein. The ambitious project, which is sponsored by the EU, aims to encourage young and old, locals and holidaymakers to rediscover traditional handicrafts and craft techniques. Local wool is spun, dyed and felted here under professional instruction.

Wollscheune am Lilienstein