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Active holidaymakers with disabilities can find a rich programme of activities in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains: with wheelchair trails, handbike tours, climbing, horse riding and boat tours.

The well-established network of paths within Saxon Switzerland National Park provides innumerable opportunities for people with limited mobility or mental disabilities to enjoy relaxing walks or longer, more challenging walks.

Even though not all tourist destinations are suitable for people with disabilities, many of the most beautiful spots in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains can be discovered either independently or with a chaperone.


Saxon Switzerland National Park

Wheelchair and Handbike Tours

Elbsandsteingebirge Rollstuhl

Here you can find a small selection of the most stunning wheelchair and handbike tours through Saxon Switzerland. These tours place different requirements on the wheelchair users, differing in terms of their length, the condition of the paths and the profile of the routes.

The difficulty rating is designed to help you to choose a suitable tour to suit your level of conditioning. We recommend that you always embark on one of these tours together with someone without any disabilities, as there are always sections of the route that favour or require assistance from a chaperone.

The handbike tours have been mastered with a tour bike; in other words, in some circumstances, the tours may be more difficult to complete with an adaptive bike.  


Wheelchair tours

Handbike tours


Elbsandsteingebirge boot

People with disabilities can also expect to find a range of other appealing activities in the national park region. Pferdehof Anders-Hof offers therapeutic horse riding and archery for the blind.

Anders Hof


Meanwhile, Kanu-Active-Tours offers climbing courses, indoor high rope courses, rubber dinghies and raft tours for guests with disabilities.