Experiences on water

There is a small range of great water-based activities available in Saxon Switzerland. Several boat hire stations and tour operators can be found along the River Elbe. Spectacular panoramic views of the majestic rock formations can be enjoyed from the water.

Mastering the Elbe with your own strength is difficult but certainly worth the effort. From pulling yourself through the water with a paddle to simply letting the current guide you along: an Elbe tour through Saxon Switzerland is certainly an experience.

Paddle steamers on the river Elbe

Anleger Rathen

Experience exciting holidays on the water! It does not matter if you want to travel with many other people, floating along the river Elbe on one of the oldest steamboats in Germany, or alone with a canoe: You will enjoy your journey along our most famous waterway.

Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt

Personenschiffahrt Oberelbe

Canoe and paddle tours

Elbsandsteingebirge Kanu

The specialist boat hire stations in the region provide watersports fans with everything that they need to conquer the Elbe with fun, intensive instruction and safety. Individuals and large groups will find the right kayaks, Canadian canoes or rubber rafts for hire. Popular routes include Schmilka – Königstein, Königstein – Pirna, Pirna – Dresden.



Guided day trips

Elbe Adventures Elbsandsteingebirge

Guided day trips in rubber dinghies, rafts or Canadian canoes offer lots of fun and space for comrades-in-arms. Impressive rock formations are a constant companion on the tour, as is the guide in the accompanying motorboat. There is even a stop for a barbecue to recharge your batteries. 

Elbe Adventure

The exhilaration of speed


Powerboat trips are less tiring but just as exciting. Up to 26 people can enjoy the exhilaration of speed on a stretch between Meißen and Decin, and experience the Elbe Sandstone Mountains at top speed.


Fishing fun

Vater, Sohn und Opa beim Fischen

Besides the Elbe, Saxon Switzerland is home to numerous rivers in which a different watersport can be practised: fishing. Be it in the Sebnitz, the Polenz or the Kirnitzsch – trout, greyling, brook trout, bullhead and fingerlings can be found almost everywhere. Besides a fishing licence, which must be held in advance, a permit is required and can be purchased from many places.

Anglerverband Sachsen