Places to see when hiking:

Uebersichtskarte Ausflugstipps

An impressive view from above Saxon Switzerland, has many visitors.
Uttewalder Grund
One of the romantic Wehlen valley floors.
Wild nature within impressive rock formations, long and steep series of steps.
Vantage point high above Polenztal valley.
Schrammsteine rocks
Wild and rocky scenery stretching into the distance.
Affensteine “Ape” rocks
Immense tor landscape with impressive views from towering heights.
Famous tor replete with traces of history.
Kleiner Zschand
A broad valley with a fantastic rock-face backdrop (famous sight-seeing site).
Grosser Zschand
Large, secluded mountain landscape in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.
Endless forests on the jagged border to Bohemia.
The most ancient, wildest part of Saxon Switzerland.
Kleine Bastei
An amazing view of the Elbe valley.
Grosser Winterberg
The ultimate in Elbe Sandstone Mountains with a famous mountain guesthouse Kipphornaussicht vantage point. A breathtaking panorama view from high above the Elbe valley.
Polenztal valley
A phenomenal rock valley with a wild stream.
Waitzdorfer Höhe
Looking down into a world of sandstone.
Brand vantage point
Fantastic panorama view.
The last word in mountain plateaus.

Notes for hikers

Keep to the paths. Keep a firm foothold on narrow paths; stay away if you're not good with heights. Be especially careful in wet weather (roots, mossy stones). The rocks are often icy in the winter. Avoid narrow, steep paths during the winter period. 

Easy Hiking Trails
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Medium to Strenuous Hiking Trails
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Strenuous Hiking Trails
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Wegweiser Malerweg am Schrammsteingratweg 800Romy Schuster BSKT angeben  frei zur Verwendung fuer TVSSW

Recommended equipment: sturdy walking boots, weatherproof clothing, a map or a guide, enough food to last the day or knowledge of where to stop for a meal along the way. Remember to take your passport just in case you should inadvertently cross the into the Czech Republic.


The following trails are just a small selection of hiking opportunities in Saxon Switzerland. Your host or a written guide can provide further information. We would recommended the guide entitled "Rother Wanderführer Elbsandsteingebirge" (in German only).

Hiking without luggage

Blick auf Affenstein / Elbsandsteingebirge

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