Cycle bus - Gain altitude, save your breath

Cycling in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is a wonderful thing; you can travel from one panorama to another almost in silence and the astonishment never really ends. And those who like to travel in real comfort take the cycle bus.

Special bus services for cyclists

Elbsandsteingebirge Radtransport

Cycle buses are the alternative option for families and cyclists wanting to take it easy. The concept: you effortlessly overcome the ascents sitting comfortably in the bus, with the bike on the trailer. You then cycle down the hill relaxed and full of energy; constantly passing new views. This service makes discovering Saxon Switzerland child's play, even when you are not on the Elbe Cycle Route.

Possible routes

Elbsandsteingebirge Rad

There are four different tours in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains: Bus lines 242 and 245 depart from Königstein and Pirna respectively, with the tours heading into Rosenthal to the left of the Elbe. Bus line 217 departs daily from Pirna in the direction of Bohemian Tisá (lines 216/219 travel to Bahratal). The national park region of Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland is made accessible with bus line 260, departing from Bad Schandau. Meanwhile, line 268/269 travels from Sebnitz to Hinterhermsdorf.

Cycle buses are available on weekends and public holidays from the beginning of April to the end of October. E-Bikes cannot be transported on the buses due to their weight.


Cycle busses (currently in German only)