Struppen - Art and walking in a small town

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Situated between Pirna and Königstein, Struppen represents a central yet peaceful holiday resort in the region of the large and small Bärenstein.


Struppen with the districts of Naundorf, Thürmsdorf, Weißig, Struppen-siedlung and Strand.


Situated in an idyllic valley location, Struppen lies on the left side of the River Elbe in the Vorder Saxon Switzerland, in the heart of the Rathen Elbow. With its peaceful location, the town provides the best conditions for a varied holiday.


The Bärensteins, the attractive ridgeway to Rauenstein, Königstein Fortress and the Bastei vista near Rathen all invite guests to partake in expansive walking tours of the surroundings. Felsenbühne Rathen open-air stage and the water park in Wehlen are also in close proximity to Struppen.


A day on the River Elbe with the historic fleet of paddle steamers or a bike tour along the Elbe Cycle Route, past the steep and dominant rocks, is sure to stay long in the memory of all visitors. The rocky world in Struppen borough also provides plenty of options for climbers with various skill levels. 


In addition, the old Struppen Castle is now open to visitors again. Tours take place within the old walls and there is also an extensive range of events to attract visitors, including film evenings and exhibitions in the castle. 


Furthermore, visitors can discover art in the Robert Sterl House in Naundorf. The last place of residence and work of the German impressionist Robert Sterl is one of the few originally preserved artists' houses in Germany. His studio features oil paintings, drawings, printed graphics as well as easels and palettes belonging to the artist – it is almost as if he put his paintbrush down only yesterday.




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