Stolpen - The rooms of the Countess Cosel

Burg Stolpen Sächsische Schweiz Elbsandsteingebirge
Burg Stolpen
Elbsandsteingebirge: Erntekrone in Stolpen
Basaltkönigin auf Burg Stolpen

The towering historical town of Stolpen with its imposing castle complex is located on the edge of Saxon Switzerland and is visible from afar.


Stolpen with the districts of Langenwolmsdorf, Helmsdorf, Lauterbach, Rennersdorf-Neudörfel and Heeselicht


The late-medieval castle town of Stolpen is situated in close proximity to the state capital of Dresden on the edge of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. As such, it offers a wonderful combination of culture, history and magical surroundings. 


The symbol of the town – the 775-year-old castle of Stolpen – can be seen from far and wide. The castle stands atop a volcanic basalt cone and is one of the most worth-seeing castles in Saxony. At Stolpen Castle, visitors can look forward to both a trip through the centuries as well as an insight into the tragic fate of a fascinating woman. The presence of Anna Constantia Reichsgräfin von Cosel, one of Augustus the Strong’s love interests, can be felt everywhere here. The king's beautiful mistress had to spend a whole 49 years here as a prisoner of Stolpen Castle. Nowhere else can visitors discover as much about this interesting woman as here.


However, the romantic, small town idyll of Stolpen offers a lot for its visitors beyond the castle's walls. The magnificent market is listed as an ensemble. Picturesque houses stand here in rows, alongside the imposing town hall and the old and new electoral district offices. Many of these buildings are home to impressive basalt vaulted cellars. In addition, the late-Gothic parish church sits enthroned in the shadows of the castle. In addition, the deepest, basalt-embossed fountain on this earth, the town museum, the Stolpen columnar basalt and the artisan house in Langenwolmsdorf are also worth seeing.





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