Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna - Into Bohemian Switzerland by bike

Elbsandsteingebirge: Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna
Morgen in den Bergen

Situated between Großer Zschirnstein, Kaiserkrone, Zirkelstein and Wolfsberg, the town offers walking and recuperation activities in a wooded environment.


Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna with the district of Kleingießhübel


Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna is situated on the border between Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, and impresses above all due to its Umgebinde-style houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.


The area surrounding Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna is a real "Eldorado" for hikers. From Kleingießhübel, you can climb Großer Zschirnstein without having to make any detours. The highest mountain in the German Elbe Sandstone Mountains features a breathtaking panoramic view of the Hohen Schneeberg, the Rosenkamm, Zirkelstein, Kaiserkrone and the Schrammsteine. When the weather plays ball, you can see as far as Albrechtsburg Castle in Meißen to the west.


The Malerweg and Caspar David Friedrich Hiking Trail offer pure Romanticism for hikers. The latter takes hikers across one of the best-known rocks in art history: the Kaiserkrone; otherwise known as the inspiration for Caspar David Friedrich's painting "Wanderer above the Sea of Fog". Anyone who has seen the painting will immediately recognise the place that inspired the artist.


On the other hand, the famous Malerweg invites you to follow the footsteps of Adrian Zingg, Johann A. Thiele, Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Gustav Carus and Ludwig Richter. One of Germany's most popular walking routes, the trail does not just lead you to the roots of Romantic art, but also to some lovely viewpoints.


Meanwhile, the Elbe Cycle Route, which crosses the German border, and the Schöna-Hrensko ferry connection provide direct access to Bohemian Switzerland.



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