Rathmannsdorf - From the Elbe Valley to the panoramic tower

Rathmannsdorf and its districts awaits its guests in its central and idyllic location.


Rathmannsdorf with the district of Wendischfähre


The picturesque town of Rathmannsdorf is situated in the natural surroundings of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to the right of the River Elbe, and borders Saxon Switzerland National Park. The town enjoys a unique location, for one part lies in the valley of the Elbe, the Lachsbach and the Sebnitzbach. The other part of Rathmannsdorf is situated on an elevated plain, some 140 metres above the River Elbe. An unforgettable panoramic view of almost all-known rock massifs in Saxon Switzerland can be enjoyed from the newly built, barrier-free viewing tower. Besides the tower, a water-treading basin and a low-water basin provide healthy refreshment after long hiking tours.


Whether you go on foot or by bike – from Rathmannsdorf visitors can comfortably discover almost all of the key destinations in Saxon Switzerland. For example, the Elbe Cycle Route travels upstream from Wendischfähre via Bad Schandau to Prague: taking you through the breathtaking scenery of the Elbe Valley in Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland. If you follow the route downstream, you will travel through Königstein and on to Rathen and Dresden, right into the magical Elbeland, with its vineyards in Radebeul and the porcelain town of Meißen.


The station of the "Sächsisch-Böhmische Nationalparkbahn" (railway) in Wendischfähre represents a further highlight. The train takes its guests on a romantic route via Sebnitz, through forests and small villages, to Pirna; travelling through 7 tunnels and over 2 viaducts on its way.




Gästeverein Rathmannsdorf

Hohnsteiner Straße 13

01814 Rathmannsdorf

Tel.: +49 35022 50451  


E-Mail: post@gaesteverein-rathmannsdorf.de

Internet: www.rathmannsdorf-saechsische-schweiz.de

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