Müglitztal - History at the foot of the Eastern Erz Mountains

Elbsandsteingebirge: Müglitztal

The Müglitztal Valley, which lies between Weesenstein Castle and the natural beauty of Saxon Switzerland, entices visitors with its dramatic history and scenery.


Müglitztal with the districts of Burkhardswalde, Crotta, Falkenhain, Maxen, Mühlbach, Schmorsdorf and Weesenstein.


The borough of Müglitztal welcomes its visitors to the valley of the same name at the foot of the Eastern Erz Mountains, and awaits with a whole host of different day-trip destinations.


Idyllic landscape and tourist gems are as much a part of Müglitztal as historically significant cultural memorials. For example, guests can discover the old Jonasmühle mill in Burkhardswalde or can follow in the footsteps of the composer couple of Clara and Robert Schumann in Maxen.


The hill on the height of land between the Müglitz and Lockwitzbach rivers, which is also known as "Finckenfang" (after General von Finck), is a worthwhile destination for hikers. From here you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the mountains of the Lusatian Highlands, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains with the Lilienstein Mountain and Königstein Fortress, as well as the Erz Mountain Ridge.


On the other hand, Weesenstein Castle represents the historic and cultural focus of the town of the same name. The entire castle complex now stands as a museum. Visitors can wander through the rock rooms of the former castle as well as the castle's suite of rooms, which contain valuable historical wallpapers and period furniture.


The Müglitztalbahn train runs from Heidenau to Altenberg, connecting the Elbe Valley with the Eastern Erz Mountains. The railway line, which has been converted from narrow gauge to standard gauge, rattles through the districts of Burkhardswalde/Maxen, Mühlbach and Weesenstein. Those who don't want to walk or who are looking to discover the landscape in a different way can take to the railway for a worthwhile alternative method of transport.




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