Liebstadt - Napoleon's quarters in Seidewitz Valley

Elbsandsteingebirge: Schloss Kuckuckstein

Situated on the upper reaches of the River Seidewitz, Kuckuckstein Castle and the church announce the town from afar.


Liebstadt with the districts of Waltersdorf, Döbra, Berthelsdorf, Herbergen, Seitenhain, Großröhrsdorf and Biensdorf.


Set in the romantic Seidewitz Valley, in the foothills of the Eastern Erz Mountains and on the border of Saxon Switzerland, Liebstadt is the smallest town in Saxony. Located amidst breathtaking landscape, the small town on the River Seidewitz has plenty to offer hikers and culture-vultures.


The Napoleonschanze entrenchments near Herbergen, and the Käferberg, the Galgenberg and the Ziegenrücken mountains all rise out of the landscape in the Liebstadt region. Liebstadt itself is located in a narrow basin, at the confluence of the River Seidewitz and the Döbraer Bach stream. The old castle of Kuckuckstein and the church tower over the buildings of the town on the steep side of the Seidewitz Valley. Furthermore, the castle provides romantic views over the small, idyllic town.


It is no surprise that Napoleon chose Kuckuckstein Castle as the headquarters for himself and his military staff in 1813. Visitors to the castle can still follow the footsteps of the great general to this day. Incidentally, he wasn't the only famous visitor to Liebstadt.


The tower of the late-Gothic single-nave church conspicuously reaches into the sky. The building is home to a late-Gothic astral arch, amongst other things. The local area also features two old windmills. The ruins of the Turmwindmühle mill on the road to Döbra represent the remnants of one of the last remaining windmills in the Eastern Erz Mountains. In contrast, a youth hostel has been built in the listed Schneckenmühle mill, bringing it back to life.




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