Heidenau - The town of short distances

Barockgarten Großsedlitz
Sphinx, Barockgarten Großsedlitz, Heidenau, Sachsen, Deutschlan

 Heidenau, the green town on the Elbe between Dresden and Saxon Switzerland, offers the best day-trip opportunities in all directions.


Heidenau with the district of Großsedlitz.


Heidenau is situated between Dresden, Saxon Switzerland and the Eastern Erz Mountains, and is an ideal starting point for trips on foot, by bike, with the car or by train. The third-largest town in the county of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Erz Mountains is, therefore, a central starting point for visitors.


The well-established infrastructure makes Heidenau a town of short distances on the edge of Saxon Switzerland. Be it walks through impressive landscape or trips to the cultural city of Dresden – everything is possible from Heidenau. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the Elbe Cycle Route or can travel to the destination of their choice using the public transport links. Small guesthouses and hotels, as well as individual restaurants, are on hand to ensure an all-round pleasant stay in Heidenau.


A visit to the magnificent baroque garden in Großsedlitz comes highly recommended. This garden was designed by the finest Saxon architects in the days of Augustus the Strong, and continues to invite visitors to enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst fountains, springs, bitter orange trees and sandstone sculptures to this day.


Feudal glamour can also be experienced in the nearby castles in Pillnitz and Weesenstein. The maison de plaisance in Pillnitz impresses with its extraordinary Chinese architectural elements and the wonderful castle park, for example. In contrast, visitors can admire the ballroom architecture, the old stables, the vaulted cellar and the baroque magnificence of the chapel at Schloss Weesenstein.




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