Dürrröhrsdorf-Dittersbach - Where romanticism is at home

Belvedere Schöne Höhe

 The castle in Dittersbach first attracted the German Romantics; today it is mainly hikers who are drawn to the borough of Dürrröhrsdorf-Dittersbach, which is situated in the immediate vicinity of Dresden. 


Dürrröhrsdorf-Dittersbach with the districts of Dobra, Elbersdorf, Porschendorf, Stürza, Wilschdorf and Wünschendorf.


Dürrröhrsdorf-Dittersbach is situated in the wonderful landscape of the Wesenitztal Valley. The small town whisks its visitors away into the secretive world of German romanticism. After all, Dittersbach Castle was once the meeting place of key Romantics from the beginning of the 19th century. Many aspects remain to remind visitors of the former owner – the art historian and patron Johann Gottlob von Quandt. For example, there is the "Schöne Höhe" belvedere with its magical frescos of Goethe ballads which hark back to this period. The castle grounds, which are also Romantic in style, allow guests to follow in the footsteps of German romanticism.


Furthermore, the Lieblingstal Valley, with its newly restored Hubertus Chapel, the King Anton bust and the constitution pillars, also invite guests to visit. The Dittersbach Church even houses a genuine Silbermann organ. Concerts and readings also take place regularly in the "Hoffmannsches Gut" artist's house. A well-preserved walking trail along the River Wesenitz connects the districts and neighbouring boroughs so that guests can easily discover the entire region on foot.


In addition, the annual Dittersbach county fair, which takes place on the last weekend of August each year, harks back to the tradition of the once important market town of Dittersbach. Once it was the largest county fair in Saxony; today the most wide-ranging crafts and trades present themselves at the event alongside old and new carnival rides. Visitors should be sure not to miss out on this part of the town.



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