Dohna - History in magical surroundings

 Situated between Dresden, Saxon Switzerland and the Eastern Erz Mountains, Dohna stands out with its historic old town and magical countryside.


Dohna with the districts of Borthen, Bosewitz, Burgstädtel, Gamig, Gorknitz, Köttewitz, Krebs, Meusegast, Röhrsdorf, Sürßen and Tronitz


Dohna is the second-oldest town in Saxony. The small, introspective town is situated between Dresden, Saxon Switzerland and the Eastern Erz Mountains – in other words, in a location that is ideal for active holidaymakers.


It is above all else the historic old town with its wonderful market square that stands out in the town itself. The venerable castle grounds in the town are also striking. The castle hill has been dominating the entrance to the Müglitztal Valley, and continues to take visitors on a journey to the Middle Ages to this day.


However, visitors do not need to visit the castle to follow in the footsteps of the past. The late-Gothic, three-aisled construction of the resplendent, white Church of St. Mary impresses guests visiting Dohna. Its interior is home to impressive arches. In contrast, the baroque garden of Großsedlitz, which is situated in the immediate vicinity, remains proof of the meticulous horticulture of the late baroque period – and is definitely worth a visit; particularly in the summertime when everything is in bloom.


Dohna's great location is also an ideal starting point for hikers. The two nature reserves of "Spargründe" and "Sürßengrund", as well as the geological natural memorial of "Kahlbusch", also represent ideal day-trip destinations for those looking to relax.  Small guesthouses and individual restaurants are on hand to ensure an all-round pleasant stay in Dohna.



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