Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel - Two Saxon mountain pearls

Kurbad Bad Gottleuba
Blick auf Langenhennersdorf
Bismarckturm auf der Panoramahöhe

Both health resorts are two of the most beautiful mountain towns in Saxony.


Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel with the districts of Berggießhübel, Bad Gottleuba, Langenhennersdorf, Bahra, Börnersdorf, Breitenau, Forsthaus, Hellendorf, Hennersbach, Markersbach, Oelsen, Zwiesel

The two idyllic mountain towns of Bad Gottleuba and Berggießhübel, with their special location between the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Erz Mountains, are loved, above all by spa and wellness tourists. The River Gottleuba Valley, which is rich in natural beauty, separates the Erz Mountains from the western part of Saxon Switzerland.


This valley features an attractive hilly landscape rather than rugged rock formations. Meadows, woods and the mild climate create an ideal environment throughout the year for spa guests and those looking to recuperate. There is also no lack of cultural attractions and day-trip destinations.


With its well-preserved town houses and the numerous, expansive spa facilities, Bad Gottleuba is also one of the most beautiful mountain towns in Saxony.


A rock labyrinth attracts younger visitors to a tour full of adventure between Langenhennersdorf and Bielatal.


Meanwhile, the Bismarck Tower in Berggießhübel offers views that span across the countryside right up to Königstein Fortress. The Kneipp resort of Berggießhübel is one of the oldest health resorts in the Free State of Saxony, with a spa history spanning back some 200 years. The small town enjoys an attractive location in a valley hollow of the Gottleuba. Along the old iron trail, guests can immerse themselves in the history of the former mining and foundry settlement at the Marie Louise Stolln show mine, and can learn interesting facts about the region's mining tradition. In addition, the Heilstollen serves the therapeutic treatment of patients. It opens up to reveal an underground lake in the peaceful tunnels, creating a special oasis of calm and relaxation.



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Stellplatz Max-Bähr Mühle Bad Gottleuba

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Gasthof "Grüner Wald"

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