Places of Interest

Gems near the hiking trail

Ancient castle grounds, fairytale worlds, miniature parks, exhibitions: A wide variety of exciting detours can be found in the immediate vicinity of the Malerweg trail.

Richard Wagner sites

Jagdschloss Graupa am Wanderweg Malerweg

Wagner spent a break from his time as capellmeister of the Dresden Court Opera in Graupa. His former holiday apartment now stands as the oldest Wagner museum in the world. A multimedia exhibition entitled "Wagner in Saxony" was opened in the nearby hunting lodge in 2013.


Lohengrinhaus Richard-Wagner-Straße 6, 01796 Pirna, Graupa; Jagdschloss Tschaikowskiplatz, 01796 Pirna, Graupa, Tel. +49 (0)3501 461 9650,

"Kleine Sächsische Schweiz" miniature park (Dorf Wehlen)

Miniaturpark Kleine Sächsische Schweiz

An inimitable experience can be found in a park setting: The most well-known rock formations have been recreated out of original Elbe sandstone; models of historical buildings and diverse means of transport, all in miniature form, all in the landscape of a bonsai forest, offer fascinating insights. The attraction is also home to a gold panning site for children, a cinema of home and heritage and a sculptor workshop.


Schustergasse 8, 01829 Dorf Wehlen, Tel. +49 (0)35024 70631, Opening hours: 1st April to 6th November, 10 am to 6 pm,

Felsenburg Neurathen (castle rock)

Felsenburg Neurathen, Sächsische Schweiz

A worthwhile round walk, beginning right by the Bastei Bridge, takes you past ruins from a former castle and over deep ravines on secure footbridges. You can enjoy fantastic views of the rocky world of the surrounding depths. The open-air museum is open all-year-round.

Erlebniswelt SteinReich

Erlebniswelt SteinReich für Familien

Be enchanted by the timeless collection of fairytales and stories of the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland! A world of experience with attractions for the whole family – including food and drink outlets and tourist information.


An der Tankstelle 3, 01844 Hohnstein, Rathewalde (P+R car park Bastei), Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm, Tel. +49 (0)35973 829803,

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Stolpen castle

Burg Stolpen am Wanderweg Malerweg

Stolpen Castle is a famous fortification on a basalt cone on the edge of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Once the seat of a bishop, then the place where the famous Countess Cosel was imprisoned and died. Today the castle is home to a museum and the venue for a range of events. Stolpen Castle is open every day.


Schlossstraße 10, 01833 Stolpen, Tel. +49 (0)35973 23410,

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Hohnstein auf Etappe 2 am Wanderweg Malerweg

Hohnstein's landmark is the defiant castle that seems to merge in the rocks. Georg Bähr, who built the Dresden Frauenkirche, also planned the building of Hohnstein parish church. A puppet show festival takes place each year in honour of the inventor of the puppet Kasper, Max Jacob. A small hand puppet museum can be found in the Tourist Information Centre.


Stadt Hohnstein

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Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre

Nationalparkzentrum Bad Schandau

Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre in Bad Schandau awaits with a whole host of information and experiences relating to Saxon Switzerland. Permanent and special exhibitions, along with a multimedia show, provide unique impressions of the National Park. And the focus is not just on flora, fauna and geology; there is also information about the region's culture.


Dresdner Straße 2 B, 01814 Bad Schandau, Tel. +49 (0)35022 50240,

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Königstein Fortress

Festung Königstein am Wanderweg Malerweg

Over 400 years old, Königstein Fortress is an impressive relic of European fortification construction history – and one of the most important sights in the Free State of Saxony. Over 50 historical buildings, together with expansive green space, invite visitors to enjoy the historical adventure. Exhibitions, tours and an audio guide (also for children) describe what everyday life used to be like here. Meanwhile, various events and two holiday apartments add to the interest.


01824 Königstein, Opening hours 9 am to 5/6 pm, Tel. +49 (0)35021 64607,

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Robert-Sterl-Haus am Wanderweg Malerweg

The former residence of one of the most important German Impressionists is situated in close proximity to Wehlen train station. These days, the house is home to a museum, featuring 100 works, drafts and studies by Robert Sterl. The rooms provide an insight into life at the turn of the 20th century. 


Robert-Sterl-Straße 30, 01796 Struppen, Opening hours: May to October Thurs - Sun, public holidays 10 am to 5 pm, Tel: +49 (0)35020 70216,

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Canalettoblick in Pirna, Malerweg Etappe 8

With its largely preserved and beautifully restored historic Old Town, the town offers a range of attractions for art lovers. The late-Gothic Church of St Mary and the town museum, situated in a former Dominican monastery, are especially worth a visit.


Pirna - Town of Canaletto

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