"Hiking 2.0"

Trailrunning may sound a little exotic for our ears. Actually it summarizes so many different styles of running that all got one thing in common: running far away from all kinds of streets. By that it combines nature with a sport in such a different and special kind of way, one we have not experienced as often as hiking or climbing, two sports which are very popular in Saxon Switzerland.

Fascination Trailrunning

It's a challenge for your entire body, you can feel almost every single muscle while repressing the pain because of only one reason: overcoming obstacles - of every kind. Here you are running on such different grounds, on hiking trails with roots on them, through streambeds and - as you can find them quite often in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains - climbing steep letters and staircases. Constantly stepping forward, basically over hill and dale, the trailrunner doesn't run trails to train for the next marathon, the next race. It's all about enjoying to run, being in the nature which you realize to be so different than before when you were just running on asphaltic and paved streets. Now, you can do whatever you like, don't worry about miles and times. You can stop running, just standing still to breath in the moment and enjoy the fantastic views from the top of the mountains and the seeing behind the curtain of nature. Just run off the beaten tracks and sense how hecticness and stress fall off.