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The Malerweg is fantastically well signposted throughout. But we still recommend a hiking guide, as well as an audio guide and reading material about the hiking trail. And those opting for a themed walk with a guide will also find out about the large and small secrets to the left and right of the trail. 

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Standard: "Romantic walking in the Saxon Switzerland National Park"

A short profile of all eight stages of the Malerweg, as well as extensive information – elevation profiles, sights, guesthouses, accommodation and useful information – can be found in the free brochure. It also contains useful information about art along the Malerweg, as well as worthwhile detours. There is also a Malerweg card to be stamped, as well as 15 other round walks within Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland.

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Informative: Guided walks

People choosing to walk through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains with a guide are given deep insights into the way that nature and history have become intertwined over the years. Both the national park warden and certified national park guides offer tours covering an enormous range of topics: ant walks, herb and birdsong walks, and much more. Some walks lead into the most remote parts of the region. Besides tours that incur a fee, there are also numerous free tours on offer.

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Helpful: Maps

There are several first-rate maps of trails and walks by various publishers for the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Our shop features a selection of these. Malerweg walkers can also find a set of walking maps by Sachsen Kartographie (scale 1:30,000), which contains eight handy maps with descriptions, photographs and tips. In addition, there is a Leporello map (scale 1:25,000) featuring all eight daily stages plus additional information.

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Knowledge: Walking guides and books about the Malerweg

Various walking guides, e.g. those from "Hikeline" and "outdoor", are available to supplement the free Malerweg brochure with additional information and maps. Frank Richter's book "The historical Malerweg" describes the way that artists and tourists discovered Saxon Switzerland in the 18th & 19th century. The book, which features historic depictions of the landscape, deals with the fascination that painters, musicians and writers had with the picturesque rocky world, with famous visitors, and the sketches, paintings and travel notes that have been left for posterity.  "Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg" by Manfred Schober focuses more on daily round trips along the Malerweg and impresses with its wealth of background information.

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