Ernst Friedrich Oehme

Ernst Friedrich Oehme

*1797 in Dresden, † 1855 in Dresden, an important painter of the late Romantic period, was a pupil of two outstanding Romantic artists: the Norwegian Johann Christian Clausen Dahl and Caspar David Friedrich. He formed a close friendship with Ludwig Richter. Oehme created numerous poetic landscapes with delightful light effects. His works also include Gothic churches, images of Italy and the Alps and interiors, all steeped in symbolism. The watercolour pictured here looks almost modern, thanks to its atmospheric lightness and the range of shades between ochre and blue.

TIP: The pictured postcard is a collectable postcard, which can be obtained from all places of accommodation holding the "Wanderfreundlich am Malerweg" certificate on the third stage of the Malerweg.

Malerweg 3rd stage: Artists painted at this point on the Malerweg

Hohnstein: The location of the town of Hohnstein lends it a picturesque aspect. The close proximity of the rocks and deep valleys drew in many artists. The artistic works are just as varied, with the impressive castle, which is situated atop a rocky crag, representing the highlight.

Brand: Depictions of the view from Brand include those by Carl August Richter and Adrian Ludwig Richter. In a nearby grotto, an inscription by Moritz August von Thümmel (1738-1817) announces the compelling impression that the scenery made on the poet.

Waitzdorf: After a steep ascent and descent, walkers are treated to a picturesque village featuring original Umgebinde houses and the imposing view of the Ochel. The view from here has been used as a subject for paintings over and over again, right into the 20th century, by artists including Richard Naumann Coschütz.