Bernardo Bellotto (Canaletto)

Bernado Bellotto

*30th January 1721 in Venice, † 17th October 1780 in Warsaw, was the pupil of his famous uncle Antonio Canal, whose name he adopted. In 1745, he moved from Italy to Munich, then to Dresden in 1746/47 and then to Vienna in 1759/60. In 1770, Bellotto became court painter for King Stanislaus II in Warsaw. His vedutas combine quaint atmospheres with precise details with a high documentary value. He created a series of views of Pirna and Königstein Fortress whilst in Saxon Switzerland. When compared with the photograph of the current state of this place, the pictured image of the Pirna market square is proof of how precisely Bellotto was able to capture the small details. He used a »camera obscura« for this.

TIP: The pictured postcard is a collectable postcard, which can be obtained from all places of accommodation holding the "Wanderfreundlich am Malerweg" certificate on the sixth stage of the Malerweg. 

Inspired by the allure of the mountains: Irmgard Uhlig

Irmgard Uhlig is a legend. The centurion – she was born on 29th October 1910 and died on 17th April 2011 – made a name for herself as the »(female) painter of the mountains«. Her complete works comprise several thousand pieces, including drawings, watercolours and paintings. She achieved masterful skill, particularly with watercolours. She had felt drawn to the mountains since her youth, and she was an enthusiastic hiker and climber. She always carried her drawing and painting tools with her in her rucksack. During her long life, she toured mountains in many different countries across the world, but she always returned to her beloved Elbe Sandstone Mountains. She lived in Dresden.